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Ruggell, 26.11.2020 – Professional as well as private investors on area2invest can now invest in the ENESPA AG bond and thus participate in the sustainable recycling of plastic waste.


Innovative process for plastics recycling

ENESPA AG is one of the first companies in the world to operate on a large scale plants that use the thermolysis process to convert mixed plastic waste into paraffin oil.

Paraffin oil is a high-quality basic material for the production of plastic granules. This will make CO2-neutral recycling management for mixed plastic waste a reality.

Approx. 1000 litres (890 kg) of paraffin oil are thus obtained from 1000 kg of plastic waste. The residual gas (5% to 15%) is used to produce electricity to operate the recycling module.

“The demand for the operation of such plants is enormous. Several locations in Germany are interested in the services of ENESPA AG. With area2invest we have the opportunity to expand our circle of investors and thus further advance our project”. – Cyrill Hugi, founder & CEO of ENESPA AG.


Become an Impact Investor with just a few clicks and free of charge

Investing while making a valuable contribution to the economy, society and the environment – that is the idea behind a new trend in the investment industry, so-called impact investing. At area2invest, investors have access to various financial products in all product and asset classes, which enable them to invest in projects with a social, sustainable and societal contribution.

After registering free of charge at, private, professional and institutional investors gain access and can invest directly online in the product of their choice.

area2invest acts as the exclusive sales partner of ENESPA AG for online sales.


About area2invest

area2invest offers a marketplace for securities and token issuances. The platform links natural and legal persons, non-professional and professional investors with issuers from different asset and product classes. As a tied agent of Bank Frick, the Fintech builds on its strong network of banks, brokers, asset and fund managers.

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ENESPA AG, headquartered in Appenzell, was founded in 2004 by Cyrill Hugi and owns ENESPA AG Balzers for financing and ENESPA GmbH Deutschland for production. The company develops sites and operates plants for the recycling of mixed plastic waste. In 2011 the company developed the Spatrol® thermolysis process. Meanwhile, the further development and production of the technology has been outsourced to the technology partner Biofabrik. With these plants, ENESPA AG converts unsorted plastic waste into raw materials without releasing CO2 into the environment.


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