Key Benefits

Serve your existing investor base or address a whole new international one.
Online offering and services distribution made simple.

Investor Base

Access and expand your investor base - categorised into institutional, professional & retail segments.

Custom Placements

Choose between private or public placements, tokenised and/or securitised and many other features.

Partner Network

Access our broad network of qualified partners to efficiently structure and promote your offering.

Broad Market Access

Issue your projects locally and multiply your reach throughout Europe.

100% Compliance

Regulated by financial market authorities legislation. Your data is stored in a ISO 27001 certified data center.


Our efficient and streamlined listing process ensures not only quality but also speed.


Listing Process

Bernhard Thalhammer
Head of Client Relations

„We’re 100% with you every step of the listing process."

Listing Criteria

Criteria may vary depending on the selected asset class.
Below are our general listing criteria for both, Financial Product Providers and Companies.

Financial product providers (Banks, Asset Managers and other Intermediaries)

  • Under Authorization EU / EEA Authority
  • Sales approval and paying agency for the financial product
  • Willingness to meet publicity requirements

Companies (Industrial Companies, Service Providers, Project Developers)

  • Transparent and stable business and management structure
  • Capital requirement from CHF 3 million
  • Sustainable business model – proof of concept as a minimum requirement
  • Clearly understandable purpose of use of funds
  • Transaction processing exclusively via banks in the EEA and Switzerland
  • Positive due diligence and due care examination to bank standard (KYC, AML)
    –  Minimum duration of the legal entity (e.g. company)
    –  Annual financial statements and attestations

“Through our strategic investment and in collaboration with area2invest, we are able to distribute our investment offering online, providing a state-of-the-art digital investment experience and addressing our client’s rapidly changing demands.”

Edi Wögerer

CEO at Bank Frick

“The emergence of new technologies in the private markets sector is transforming businesses and the ways of financing and investing – area2invest is a exciting project with the potential to disrupt capital markets bringing additional value to investors, issuers and other stakeholders.”


Marc P. Bernegger

Board member at CRYPTO FINANCE

“Digitization also means breaking new ground – with area2invest we have found a partner to expand our product range and to respond to the needs of digital natives.”

Philipp Doppelhammer

Management at Bankhaus von der Heydt

“We support digital marketplaces. Our customers have high hopes for area2invest.”

Philippe A. Naegeli


“area2invest is a trusted platform which enables us to offer our investment funds to a new segment of clients in a highly innovative manner. Their services are equally valuable to investors and asset managers, as they enable efficient and low-cost fund executions for professional and non-professional clients.”

Mark Valek

Partner of Incrementum AG

Marketing Channels

Listing your offerings online is one thing, getting the message out to as many investors as possible another. Benefit from our. established media connections and unrivaled marketing experience.

  • Access

to editorial offices, media partners, financial portals, media and press distributors and many more.


  • Placement

of your offering and content in carefully selected, leading financial publications, both off- and online.

  • Campaigns

created specifically for your target groups and audience via social media and our widely circulated investor newsletter.


  • Execution

of marketing strategy and advertising campaigns led by our expert and experienced marketing team.

Case Study

Sometimes, as an issuer, accessing the targeted investor group can be a challenge.

Learn how area2invest can provide easy & fast access to different investor categories in the case study about Incrementum AG and their Digital & Physical Gold Fund.